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From Reykjavík to Jersey, we design and build the best bespoke homes worldwide

RIBA Awards Shortlisted self build for architect's own home by Bricknell & Fowler

For over a decade, Neil Bricknell and Guy Fowler have been an effective partnership and well-known innovators in building family homes

Neil introduced off-site technology into the UK from his early days building in Norway in the 1980’s, winning the Daily Telegraph House of the Year Award. Possessing a calm approach, Neil enjoys solving, without drama, the inevitable challenges associated with complex, high value builds.

Guy’s background is more design and engineering, learning from and working with an eclectic mix of clients and associates like Saatchi & Saatchi, Eva Jiřičná and Elizabeth Emanuel.

RIBA Awards Shortlisted build for an architect's home

Bricknell & Fowler on Grand Designs
Bricknell & Fowler on Channel 4 Flat Pack Mansions
Bricknell & Fowler on BBC: DIY SOS The Big Build
Bricknell & Fowler shortlisted for the Build It Awards
Bricknell & Fowler nominated in the Midlands Enterprise Awards

The last 12 years have seen a series of exceptional, award winning new builds for self builders, architects’ own homes, and clients from Iceland and Finland to the Channel Islands.


Bricknell & Fowler’s metier is balanced, flexible and structured around the idiosyncrasy's of client needs and wants – the results are cliff top builds in Jersey (on Channel 4's Flat Pack Mansions), ‘Homes by the Sea’ (won the JeCC Sustainability Award); and a home erected in 2 days (on the BBC's DIY SOS: The Big Build).

A fulfilling journey with Bricknell & Fowler:
from brilliant design to the keys of your new home

In 2020, Neil and Guy branded the service side of their businesses as Bricknell & Fowler, based in Jersey, but also operating further afield.

Bricknell & Fowler new builds are based on the architectural vision developed alongside the client and are closely coupled with the modern methods of off-site construction developed at their facilities in Devon. Blending high tech with craftsmanship & sustainable materials, Bricknell & Fowler’s construction systems reduce the time spent on-site. Building significant parts of a house in a controlled environment has huge quality, performance, time and cost benefits, resulting in fixed prices & timelines for a healthier home with unlimited design constraints, primarily in timber, glass and concrete.

With Bricknell & Fowler, the relationship with the client is paramount and privacy always respected. Contracts in plain language compliment the Bricknell & Fowler axiom that trust, based in integrity and shared vision, is the path to a successful project.


Bricknell & Fowler makes space for the client to enjoy the process of building the home of their dreams. Above all, Bricknell & Fowler aims to understand a client’s spirit, making the delivery of a project cost-efficient and uncomplicated: a new home of living luxury, elegance, & wellbeing.

Why build your home with Bricknell & Fowler?

Client 7

Passivhaus certified

  • Improved well-being

  • Highest indoor air quality

  • Supreme thermal comfort

  • Self-maintained humidity levels

  • Increased space and daylight

  • Healthiest environments

Client 5

Award Winning Homes

  • Jersey Construction Council Sustainability Award

  • Daily Telegraph House of the Year

  • RIBA Awards Shortlisted: Wales

  • Build It Awards Shortlisted

  • Midlands Enterprise Awards Nominated

Client 3

Media Features

Ch4 Grand Designs: Stirling House

Passive House + | Lux | Fine & Country

BBC | Houzz

Client 6

Fixed, Fast Time

A unique blend of high tech and craftsmanship for Offsite construction means the construction time can be truly fast and fixed  - as little as 2 weeks site time for a weather resistant envelope including windows and doors

Client 4

Industry Leading Warranty

The longest structural warranty in the industry is supplemented with our own lifetime warranty

Client 1

Predetermined Cost

A unique blend of high tech and craftsmanship for Offsite construction means the price is truly known at the outset

Client 2


Designers of THEPASSIVHAUS Total Envelope System, described by the Passivhaus Institute, Darmstadt as ‘the most comprehensive system’ ever assessed & certified

Client 8


Probably the most sustainable high end homes ever built. Sustainable materials, building methods and practices, quantified by building physics.

Toxin-free building material tested

Site image credits: Robert Boltman RIBA; Max Young Photography Jersey; Barnes Collie Fischer

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